Info Page: White Dissolvable Paper Labels

New and exclusive! Dissolvable paper labels. These are a paper label that is difficult to remove when dry, but dissolves almost instantly in water. Use water and a wet cloth, or simply place them in a dishwasher.

They are non toxic and leave no residue.

They have a matt finish and can be written on with a pen or marker.

These are pretty cool – and very useful when you want to re-use containers. For instance, patient meal dishes in hospitals. Dishes in restaurants.

Great for labels on furniture in a furniture store. No need to scrape them off – just wash them off with a wet cloth!

Printer suitability

We have tested these on laser printers and they are laser printable for short runs. Inkjet printers may work – but not tested yet. Can be written on with a pen or marker.

Please request a sample to test.

Dissolvable Paper A4 Sheet Labels

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Dissolvable Paper Roll Labels

$169.95 inc. GSTSelect options