Samples Requests

Samples for testing: Please ask for a free sample to test in your machine before you purchase. Samples are provided free to all Australian addresses. For international addresses, please see below. strongly encourages you to request a sample of the label you need before you purchase so that you can test it on your own printing machine and test it in the environment that you will be using it. Samples are sent to you free of charge.

  • You can request a sample of the material(s) you are interested in, which will be sent in whatever pre-cut size is available.
  • You can request a sample of the pre-cut label size you are interested in, which will be sent to you in matt white paper label material.

Samples are normally sent in A4 size. Roll labels samples are also available. Roll samples are normally sent out as a length of about a metre. We do not normally send A3 size samples.

To request a sample, please contact us, or call 03 52 4444 88 to discuss your needs.


Samples to international addresses

Samples sent to addresses other than Australia are provided free, but there will be a small charge to cover costs of international shipping. You will be charged postage at what Australia Post charges us, plus a small handling cost. Please request your samples. We will make up a Samples Order as normal, but add a postage charge to it. We will then email that to you with payment instructions. Once the postage has been paid for the samples will be sent. This postage charge will be deducted from any order that you place with us subsequent to the samples request.