Laser Printing

Printing labels with laser printers

Getting the settings right for label printing can sometimes be a bit tricky. With laser printers the key is that the toner is fused on to the surface properly. To do this the temperature must be right. Most printers are set for paper.

Labels, being thicker, require a higher temperature, and most machines therefore have a labels setting. You need to find this setting in your printer menu anmd set it to 'Labels'

Synthetic labels may require a higher setting. You will have to experiment with the settings on your particular machine to see what works best for you.

Ambient temperature and humidity can also have an effect. Most laser printers are designed to operate in an ambient temperature range of about 16C to 30C, with a humidity of up to 80%. Operating outside these ranges can require adjustments to your printer.

One of the ways in which you can increase the temperature is to slow the printing down. This can be done by feeding the sheets in the bypass slot instead of using the tray.

Each printer is different and has different requirements, so a good read of your user manual for your printer can be useful. Printer manufacturers also usually have a fair bit of online documentation on their websites. recommends that you ask us for a free sample so that you can test it before you buy.