White & Fluoro Plain Paper (Thermal Transfer) Labels on Rolls

Labels on Rolls – Thermal Transfer (Plain Paper)
Suitable for
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Labels on Rolls – Thermal Transfer (Plain Paper)

Suitable for thermal transfer printing.
May also be suitable for inkjet printing. Please request sample for testing.

EveryLabels.com.au recommends that you ask us for a free sample so that you can test it before you buy.

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Roll sizes. 76 mm cores are usually less than 140 mm in outside diameter; 38 mm core rolls are usually less than 110 mm in outside diameter. Some machines, such as a number of Zebra models, can only accommodate rolls with a maximum of 127 mm outside diameter. To accommodate this, order the 38 mm core.

You need to check the width to make sure it will fit your printer.

Labels Material. Please check with the manufacturer of your printing machine to make sure the labels material is suitable. If unsure, please ask for a free sample so you can test it.

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