Info page: Tyre Stock Super strong adhesive paper labels

Tyre Stock Labels – Matt only.  Tyre Stock labels have a very aggressive adhesive. Should be used only where you need a label material that needs to stay stuck permanently. Once it is properly applied it won’t come off. Tyre Stock Blank Labels are an aluminium foil backed label and are therefore a tough, long lasting label. Being a paper label, though, they are not suited to outdoor application.

As with all self adhesive labels, a clean dry surface works best. A smooth surface gives a greater contact area and therefore better adhesion. All self adhesive labels are pressure sensitive, so a firm rub after application helps adhesion.

Printer Suitability
These labels are suited to commercial offset and screen printing. They are not suitable for inkjet printers and are not designed for laser printers.

Because Laser printers use heated rollers to fuse the toner to the paper, the presence of metallic elements in the Tyre Stock label materials can cause an excessive build up of heat in the machine. Therefore does not recommend they are used in a Laser printer.

Because the aggressive adhesive cannot be removed from machine surfaces, does not recommend they are used in a laser printer. recommends that you ask us for a free sample so that you can test it before you buy.

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