Info page: Polylaser Gloss Clear Synthetic high durability labels

Polylaser Gloss Clear – waterproof crystal clear (glass clear) labels with excellent outdoor durability of up to 3 years.

Polylaser Gloss Clear is a high durability label material that is excellent for outdoor use having a three year lifespan for exterior use.

When printed on a laser printer, the resulting label is heat resistant, water-resistant, light resistant, scuff resistant, smudge resistant, and stain resistant. But it is not designed for constant water inundation, so dishwashers might be a problem. But having said that, Polylaser labels are often used on cars and have to withstand frequent washings in car washes, so we can expect that it will survive the dishwasher for a while at least. recommends that you ask us for a free sample so that you can test it before you buy.

Printer suitability:

Black and white and colour laser printers and photocopiers.

Heat resistant to 120C.

Polylaser Gloss Clear is NOT suitable for inkjet printers.

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