Info Page: FR8 label material for frozen goods

FR8 – Frozen Goods Label Material

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FR8, which is a white paper label available in Matt finish, and is developed especially to meet the severe requirements of labelling goods in cold-store conditions. FR8 is the only label material that can be used on already frozen goods. FR8 needs the coldness of the frozen surface for the adhesive to work. You apply them simply by wiping the frost off with your hand and putting the label on to the clean, frozen surface. FR8 has excellent adhesion to cardboard and polyethylene. You can be confident that even in the extremes of the freezer they will not run or delaminate or come off.

As with all self adhesive labels, a clean dry surface works best.

***Because FR8 is designed as a frozen goods label, the adhesive requires that the temperature of the surface is below – 5C.*** Just wipe off any frost present and firmly apply the label.

A smooth surface gives a greater contact area and therefore better adhesion. All self adhesive labels are pressure sensitive, so a firm rub after application helps adhesion.

Printer Suitability

FR8 is designed for offset printing. Many people have laser printed them successfully. It is not suitable for inkjet printers. recommends that you ask us for a free sample so that you can test it before you buy.

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