New Website; Fresh, Friendly and Featureful

Why is a new website necessary? – I am used to the old website.

Because our previous website is built on a platform that can’t keep up with you – our customers – we have built a completely new website, more secure and mobile-device friendly! It will be able to offer rich capabilities for many years to come.

The new platform also provides us with more options for services we can provide to you.

Is the new website secure and complete?

Our new website is stable and secure, but not 100% complete. All available products can be ordered through Credit Card, Paypal or Direct Deposit. For the few products that are not yet available, we have provided links back to the old website. These products will be added in the coming months. As of the 10/05/2022, all sheet labels and most roll labels are already present, as well as pricing guns and labels dispensers.

Can I still use the old website?

Yes you can. We expect the old website to remain functional until at least November 2022, however there may be some outages as we upgrade, so we recommend you take the step of giving the new website a try. UPDATE: We no longer advise using the old website, except for reference purposes: it is no longer secure. We appreciate your feedback and will provide you with a 5% discount coupon code for your next order if you send us feedback HERE after making a purchase.

Where can I find more information on labels materials, sizes and other questions?

We have general information pages HERE, as well as a page to help you find templates and information on specific shapes and sizes HERE. These pages will continue to be updated and any feedback is appreciated.

Some products do not have complete product images. Why is that?

We could have used stock images or photographed our own, but we thought that it might be a good opportunity for you our customers to advertise your own products through how you use our labels. This comes at no cost to you. If your business benefits, you might buy more labels; it’s a win-win. Send us (an) image(s) of how you use our labels and we may use it as a product image. We will attribute the image to you as well as adding a link to your site from’s front page.
We reserve the right to choose what images we do or do not use. You can see an example HERE.

I still have questions, what do I do?

You can always call us on 03 52 4444 88. Alternatively, send us a message via the CONTACT US page. We will respond to your queries promptly. You can also contact us to request samples.