WLK 202 water resistant label material for bottles and jars

WLK 202 - for bottles and jars etc

WLK 202 label material, which comes in five different finishes, was originally designed for the wine industry. That is an industry for which appearance is crucial. It is a big part of marketing strategy. What they needed was a paper label that would stick well even when wet, as white wine bottles get when immersed in an ice bucket. WLK 202 was designed to meet that need. It is designed to stick properly even when it has been wet for an extended period. The adhesive used has an enhanced adhesion and water resistance. On a wine bottle that has been in an ice bucket for an hour or so, the label will retain its integrity, though, being a paper label, it will begin to wrinkle eventually. WLK-202, while not completely waterproof, has good water resistance.

There are four different paper types of WLK 202:

  • WLK 202 Matt White Premium - A premium, higher quality matt white paper label material, and the special WLK 202 adhesive.
  • WLK 202 Gloss White - Using the normal gloss white paper label material, and the special WLK 202 adhesive.
  • WLK 202 Uncoated Ivory - A premium matt paper label with a delightful light ivory colour.
  • WLK 202 Kraft Natural - A natural brown colour ... for wherever you need the natural brown paper look. ....

WLK 202 is also suitable for using in a fridge or freezer, and will remain in place even after extended periods of refrigeration. Stick them on at least an hour before you put them in the fridge to give the adhesive time to set. Remember that all label adhesives are pressure sensitive so giving them a firm rub will help the labels to stick.

WLK 202 is suitable for going into the freezer, as long as you put the label on the container before you freeze it.

If you want to label already frozen goods, use our FR8 label material.

WLK 202 is therefore well suited to labelling all sorts of bottles and jars, either glass or plastic, or other surfaces where you require a greater water resistance than you would get with a standard paper label.

Printer Suitability

WLK-202 is designed for offset printing. Many people have printed them successfully on laser printers. They are not suitable for inkjet printers

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