Frequently Asked Questions about self adhesive labels


There are many types of self adhesive label materials, label adhesives, and label uses. The purpose of this page is to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about labels and their uses.
Note: This page is being developed. More information will be added steadily over the coming days and weeks. If you have a question you'd like answered, please contact us. We will do our best to give you a clear and useful answer.


  1. Are the 'economy labels' the same label material and quality as the other labels they are similar to? Why are they so economical?
  2. I only have an inkjet printer. Which labels can I use?
  3. I need labels to put on soap bottles which will go in the shower. Synthetic labels seem to be overkill. Is there a more economical alternative?
  4. Do you have templates for my size of labels? I need to be able to set out my labels correctly so that I can print them.


  1. These 'economy labels' are exactly the same as the equivalent sizes in the rest of the range. The reason we can do them so inexpensively and make it much more economical for you is that we sell many of them. Therefore we can manufacture them in longer production runs and thereby keep our costs down. We pass this saving on to you and you end up with the same top quality at a much more economical price.

  2. There are many fine inkjet printers on the market which do an excellent job on standard matt paper, whether that be office photocopy style paper, or matt paper labels. The key thing is that the surface you are printing on is absorbent so that the inkjet ink can 'set' properly.

    At we provide our standard white matt laser/ inkjet paper labels. The paper in these is very similar to ordinary office paper, and they go very well in inkjet printers. (They also go very well in laser printers, but that is another story.) You should be aware that inkjet ink is water soluble and will run if it gets wet, so it is not suitable for places where the label is likely to get wet.

    Other matt finish labels on our website are not suitable for inkjet printers because, even though they have a matt finish they are coated labels and therefore are not absorbent enough.

    We also have a synthetic label that is well suited to inkjet printers. Our Dataflex white is a soft porous white synthetic label material that absorbs the ink into it's surface and seals it. The ink doesn't run because of this. Works well with inkjet printers to make a weatherproof label. Available in only a limited range of sizes.

  3. Our WLK-202 range of water resistant paper labels suits this need well. Often used on wine bottles which have to be able to be immersed in ice buckets for extended periods, they retain their integrity when wet for extended periods. Ideal for use in the shower, bathrooms, children's lunchboxes and water bottles. Safe in fridges and freezers.

    Can be laser printed, but not suitable for inkjet printers. You must apply them to a clean dry surface before you place them in the fridge or freezer.

  4. On every product page like this one there is a link to the 'Label template information' below the picture on the left. Just click on this link and it will take you through to the template information page for that label size.

    There are two columns on that page. On the left is a table of template information. The dimensions listed in this table are the ones you will use in the label designers in either Microsoft Word or in Open Office/ Libre Office. The instructions for both are in the right column.