Pricing gun labels 26 mm x 16 mm - Blitz C20 & Meto 2026


Pricing gun labels 26 mm x 16 mm - Blitz S6, Blitz C20 - 1000 labels per roll

Pricing gun labels.

  • 26 mm x 16 mm wavy edge - 1000 labels per roll.
  • To suit Blitz S6| Blitz C20 pricing guns
  • 'Best before', 'Use by' and 'Packed on' labels have freezer grade adhesive.

Ink rollers for your pricing gun can be purchased here.

Pricing gun label materials.

  • Permanent adhesive. Permanent adhesive means that if the label is properly applied it remains there. Attempting to remove it will result in the label being destroyed.
  • Removable adhesive. The label can be removed from the surface, and the adhesive remains with the label.
  • Pre-printed 'Best before', 'Use by', 'Packed on' and 'Batch No' labels have a freezer grade adhesive. These labels can be applied to a product which can then be placed into a freezer.
  • 'Data PE is as durable synthetic labels material, ideal for outdoor environments.

1000 labels per roll

Price gun labels 


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