Finding products in the Labels Shop

How to find products in the Labels Shop.

  1. Find the Label material or colour category - eg White Matt Paper, or
    Fridge and Freezer, etc, and click on it.

  2. A list of shapes will come up. Click on the shape you are looking for
    - eg, Circle/ Round, or Oval, etc.

  3. Then a list of label sizes will come up. These are listed in ascending
    order of size for the width of the label. The smallest label is listed first,
    then next biggest next, and so on, with the largest label listed last.
    It is the width that is used for sorting. Note that sometimes the height
    is longer than the width! Just scan down the list till you come to a size
    that suits your needs and click on that.

  4. All of the information for that label is on that page, and you can order
    directly from that page.

Not all of our products are listed as yet. If you need something and can't find it,
please contact us, or ring us on 03 52 4444 88