Control panel for modifying products in bulk

Views Bulk Operations (VBO) and Commerce VBO views

It took months of searching for me to find some way of manipulating the large numbers of products I created using the Bulk Products Creation module. There are now some 20 000 products on this site, and that will eventually at least double. Changing prices on them one at a time just wasn't going to happen! Even deleting unwanted products one at a time was a chore.

Then I discovered the Views Bulk Operations (VBO) and Commerce VBO views modules. By uploading and enabling these two modules the normal control panel for products, orders, and content is replaced by one with, among other things, a checkbox in front of each line item. These can be selected individually or all at once. There are filters to enable you to sort out which products you want displayed.

You then have a choice of operations you can execute on the selected products (or other line items): delete item; disable product; enable product; modify product values. The Modify Product Values presents you with a panel with all the product types you have created, and within them, the fields those product types contain. You can then change the values for those fields - the prices, for instance. You then save your changes and you have amended all your selected products in one hit!

In some of my categories on this website I was updating prices and tax status on 1044 products at a time! This makes Drupal Commerce manageable for stores with larger numbers of products.

Complaints? Yes, one big one. Why do they hide what is effectively a Control panel for modifying products in bulk under such arcane headings!? Why not give it a heading that makes it easy for non geeks like me to find it and implement it? Or at least give us some sort of a directory to these things? I for one have posted on the Drupal commerce forum a number of times asking for info on how to do this. If it had been easier to find I could have had this done months ago.