Sometimes customers ask me about why their labels aren't sticking too well. There are some possibilities:

Sometimes the material is faulty. This is rare with us because we use only good quality stock. Failures do happen, but not very often. If the material is faulty we just replace it. Immediately.
Sometimes the customer has ordered the wrong stock for the job. If this has happened, then all they can do is order the right stock. Not a frequent occurrence because we do give good label info on our website, and we send free samples to prospective customers so they can test the labels before they buy them.

Mostly it is an issue with the environment the labels are being used in. In response to a customer question I sent them this info:

There are obvious things that should be checked:

  • Bottles are clean? Sometimes they come from the factory with chemicals/ dust on the surface. Dust, especially on cardboard, can be a real problem. The label sticks really well ... to the dust!
  • Labels firmly applied? A good firm rub with the hand helps, because all self adhesive labels are pressure sensitive.
  • It helps to let the labels 'set' on the bottles before using them. Usually an hour or two is fine. Adhesives are chemical compounds that can take a while to set, or mature.
  • Sometimes plastic bottles can be made from a plastic that doesn't take adhesives well and you have to take a little more care.
  • Temperatures reasonable? Too hot or too cold can cause issues with label adhesives. Temperatures can affect chemical processes within the adhesive.
  • High humidity when you apply the labels can make it hard for labels to stick. Once they are on properly labels such as WLK-202, which are designed for it, can withstand high humidity for considerable time.

These are key things to look for and make sure they are right