The Drupal Blog

Occasional postings on what I have learned about Drupal and Drupal Commerce in the process of building this (and other) website.

Not in any particular order, just as I am doing them. You may find useful tidbits of info leading you to a quick solution. Sometimes I spent days looking for the clue to understanding how it works. Sometimes it happened in the process of doing something else - Oh, look at that, that's what I was looking for last week!

Two purposes for this:

1. As a reminder for me next time I am doing it.
2. As a resource for you and anyone else using Drupal. If you have been tearing your hair out wondering how to do some obtuse little thing and this helps you, then I am delighted!

Currently the Drupal Core version I am using is 7.14, and the Drupal commerce version is 7.x -1.3

Please remember that this is not a complete user guide, just an occasional blog on issues that have confronted me. Also the usual disclaimer - you use this at your own risk. Remember and apply the site builder's mantra - BACKUP everything before you make major changes. But in any case these postings are just a record of what worked for me and not a guarantee that it will work for you.

Strewth, it's a pity we have to have all that legal stuff above, but I suppose you've got to cover your tail!