Labels for inkjet printers

Labels that work well on inkjet printers can be hard to find. Most work well on laser printers, but not many on inkjet printers. Until to recently we described our white matt paper labels as Laser paper labels. This is because they work very well on laser printers.

But these matt white paper labels also work excellently on inkjet printers. They have the same matt absorbent surface as your ordinary photocopy/ printer paper that is used in offices everywhere. It is this absorbent surface that inkjet printers need to work properly.

White matt Laser/ Inkjet Paper Labels

  • Suitable for both laser and inkjet printers & photocopiers
  • Suitable for offset printing
  • Very economical and cost effective.

This makes these white matt paper laser/ inkjet labels incredibly versatile. They have been used for:

  • Mail-outs
  • Folder ID.
  • Patient records
  • Customer records
  • Pricing labels.
  • Bar codes
  • Name and address labels.
  • Ingredients labels
  • Jars of produce.
  • Tamper evident labels.
  • Service stickers.
  • 'Specials' stickers.

And many more uses.

They are a paper label and therefore not waterproof. Inkjet ink runs when it gets wet.

If you need a label that is water resistant, use our WLK-202.

Often used for mail-outs - and our economy range has some good sizes at really good prices!