Keep them dry ...

Synthetic labels and printing.

There is always something new to learn about labels! Today I learned about the effects of moisture on printing synthetic labels on a laser printer. This post affects Polylaser, Datapol translucent and Datapol white, which are all laser printable high durability synthetic labels.

If you sometimes have difficulty in printing these labels, especially early in the morning when you are all keen to get going and get the job done, and you find that it just isn't working the way you would like, the reason may well be that the labels have attracted moisture in the night. What happens is that the backing sheet, which is paper, absorbs moisture and expands while the labels being synthetic don't. This causes the label sheets to distort and become very hard to print.

There are a couple of things you can do to improve things.

  • Keep the labels dry. Store them in the plastic sleeve they came in, and keep the sleeve sealed.
  • Keep them flat by keeping a weight on them. A couple of phone books or something similar.
  • Let them dry for a time. Print in the afternoon instead of the morning. Keeping a weight on them in this time helps.
  • Sometimes it's just the top few sheets that are affected. It might be appropriate to discard them and use fresh ones from further down the pile.

Just a few simple things that can make life a bit easier.