How to stick a label

There are several things to remember when sticking a self adhesive label on to a surface:

  • All self-adhesive labels are pressure sensitive. If you apply them firmly and rub or roller over them they stick much better than if you apply them lightly.
  • The surface you apply them to should be clean and dry.
  • Dusty surfaces will cause problems - the labels sticks perfectly to the dust, rather than the surface!
  • Oily surfaces are difficult to stick labels to.
  • Most labels won't stick to frozen goods - though our FR8 can! (It has a special adhesive)
  • Allowing the labels time to 'set' after you have applied them helps the adhesive to function properly. This allows the chemical reaction in the label adhesive to happen more completely so it works as it was intended.


Problems with labels sticking.

Sometimes it can be hard to determine what the problem is when a label won't stick properly. It's not always the fault of the label, though it can be. Here is an email from one of our customers who had been having trouble getting her labels to stick onto glass bottles:

Thanks Willem ... I think I have finally established what the issue of the labels not sticking to my bottles is and we don't think it is the labels but the problem with the bottles and the silicone spray that they spray on in transit to stop the bottles scratching! Been a nightmare!


This is why we will ask you about the surface you are sticking labels on to when you are having problems. We only use quality label stock, and though it does give problems occasionally we often find that the problem is not with the label stock but with the surface it's being stuck on to, or the conditions when the labels are being applied.

Labels can also be affected by storage conditions. Labels stored in very hot, or humid conditions can be affected and lose their 'stickability'. Keeping them stored sealed in their plastic liner in a cool dry place extends their shelf life considerably.