WLK-202 Water Resistant Paper Self Adhesive Blank Labels

WLK-202 water resistant paper labels.

WLK-202 Gloss Paper Labels material is in demand! Out of stock, till mid December. :( This affects only the white gloss finish. All other finishes are still available. New stock is due approximately mid December 2019. Apologies from EveryLabels for the inconvenience.

  • WLK-202 water resistant paper labels with a superior adhesive.
  • Matt & Gloss, Matt Premium, Uncoated Ivory, and Kraft Natural (brown paper) finishes
  • Ideal for use in fridges and in freezers. Must be applied before product is frozen.
  • Ideal for wine bottles, preserves, olive oil, cosmetics ...
  • Offset & Laser printing. Not suitable for inkjet printers.

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