Labels for inkjet printers

Labels that work well on inkjet printers can be hard to find. Most work well on laser printers, but not many on inkjet printers. Until to recently we described our white matt paper labels as Laser paper labels. This is because they work very well on laser printers.

But these matt white paper labels also work excellently on inkjet printers. They have the same matt absorbent surface as your ordinary photocopy/ printer paper that is used in offices everywhere. It is this absorbent surface that inkjet printers need to work properly.

Control panel for modifying products in bulk

Views Bulk Operations (VBO) and Commerce VBO views

It took months of searching for me to find some way of manipulating the large numbers of products I created using the Bulk Products Creation module. There are now some 20 000 products on this site, and that will eventually at least double. Changing prices on them one at a time just wasn't going to happen! Even deleting unwanted products one at a time was a chore.

Menu Types

Setting Menu defaults in Content Types

When you create a new menu - for a different category of products, for instance - you need to enable the content types you want to have appear in that menu, so you can select that menu when you create that content type. The default is 'Main Menu'. To change that:

Turn off Post Information in Panels and other Content Types

For months I had wanted to turn off the post info in panels - you know the bit were it says 'Posted by admin on ....'. I didn't want it but it appeared every time. since all my products are displayed as panels it just presented some useless info that cluttered the screen up. Then, by accident I found out how to switch it off! Cool ...

Administration > Structure > Content Types > Panels > Edit, and then click on Display Settings and uncheck 'Display author and date information.' Click save and it's done!

Bulk Products Creation

The Bulk Products Creation screen is pretty straightforward when you look closely at it. It's easy to get freaked out by it, but it is not that hard once you've done the underlying product type.

This article assumes that you have installed and enabled the Bulk Products Creation Module. If you haven't done that you need to do that first! :)

First, build your product type, including the variable fields you need. See

The Drupal Blog

Occasional postings on what I have learned about Drupal and Drupal Commerce in the process of building this (and other) website.

Not in any particular order, just as I am doing them. You may find useful tidbits of info leading you to a quick solution. Sometimes I spent days looking for the clue to understanding how it works. Sometimes it happened in the process of doing something else - Oh, look at that, that's what I was looking for last week!

Two purposes for this:

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