Label Templates instructions

Microsoft Word 2013

  • Go to Mailings
  • Then Labels

When the window opens

  • 'Options'
  • then New Label

When the window opens

  • give your label a name
  • Enter the figures from the table on this page. NOTE: You may need to convert the millimetres size in the table to centimetres in the Word table. Do this by moving the decimal point to the left by one. For instance, 55 mm becomes 5.5 cm
  • Set the page size to A4
  • hit 'OK'

When the window opens

  • Enter your text in the box. It will automatically go to every label on the page. If you want to add graphics, see below.
  • NOTE: Round labels will generate a square box into which your round label fits; oval labels a rectangle box, etc.

  • Click 'New Document' and Print if you are using text.
  • Go to Insert/ Pictures and insert the pictures you want into each of the label cells on the page. You have to do each one individually, but it does mean that you can have different pictures on different labels on the one page.
  • When you have finished, print the label sheets. Do a 'dummy run' on a blank sheet to test to make sure everything lines up before you begin printing labels.

Microsoft Word 2007

  • Go to 'Tools'
  • 'Letters and mailings'
  • 'Envelopes and Labels'
  • when the window opens go to 'Options'
  • then 'Label Products'
  • go to 'Other/Custom' at bottom of menu
  • go to 'New Label ...'
  • Enter the figures from the table on this page
  • hit 'OK'
  • Enter your text/ graphics in the box.
  • Click 'New Document' and Print

Open Office/ Libre Office

  • Go to 'File'
  • 'New'
  • 'Labels'
  • when the window opens go to 'Format'
  • Enter the figures from the table on this page
  • 'Save'
  • Name your label and then 'OK'
  • Go to 'Labels' tab
  • Enter your data in the box
  • Save the format with a name of your choice
  • Click 'New Document' and print.

What the label design program provides you with is a rectangle into which your label shape fits. You have to place your graphics/ text in the right place within the rectangle.

The label design program then places all the rectangles in the right spot on the page.