Dataflex 303 PE White

Dataflex 303 PE White.

Dataflex 303 PE White This is the only synthetic label you can use with an inkjet printer - and it's weatherproof too! The ink doesn't run, because the softer porous surface of the label absorbs the ink. Because of it's flexible nature it's available in a limited number of shapes.

Dataflex has good durability of up to 12 months on exterior surfaces and has excellent chemical resistance.

Printer suitability

Well suited to inkjet printers.

Some of our customers have used these in laser printers printing short runs only (no more than 5 sheets at a time, then they let the machine cool down for 5 minutes) but has no direct experience of this and does not recommend it. recommends that you ask us for a free sample so that you can test it before you buy. can print these labels for you