A3 Sheet & Die-cut Labels

A3 Single Sheet Labels are a single A3 or A3 SR (super A3) sheet of label material with a number of backslits cut into the backing paper to assist with peeling the backing off. There is also one that has no backslits.

A3 Die-cut Labels A3 or SR (Super A3) label sheets with different shapes die-cut into them. These have no backslits

A3 Single Sheet Labels and A3 Die-cut Labels are available in 5 different label materials:

White Laser Matt Paper Labels 75 GSM paper matt paper laser label material.
White Premium Paper Labels 85 GSM high burst strength paper with enhanced adhesive.
WLK 202 Gloss Label designed for bottles and jars, is a paper label that sticks well even when wet.
White Opaque Blockout Paper white paper labels with a silver backing which blocks out anything underneath it.
Datapol matt white - High durability labels, suitable for extreme conditions such as external use on motor vehicles, etc.

A3 size label sheets are 297 mm x 420 mm
A3 SR size label sheets are 320 mm x 450 mm:

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